BRN is a Total Team Management and Recruiting System for the travel and high school coach. From an awesome team website, to player management, to event scheduling and email marketing. BRN has it all!
Well, most likely you cannot! Because at this stage BRN is the only team and recruiting management system that connects the team coach, the player, the college coach, the event director and the athletic measurement tests all in one closed-end loop.
Once you have all of team and player data in the system. Every time you add any event to your team schedule all of your players individual calendars are populated with that event. This way college scouts can MATCH their needs to you players AND find your team and players anywhere and anytime you are playing.
We all know that knowledge is power. So forget about worrying that your team will not be playing on the best field in the biggest showcase. The days of coaches sitting at the premier field hoping to find a star player are over! With the knowledge of exactly what players are playing where and up to date game times and player location maps, coaches will come to see you play if you meet their recruiting needs no matter where you are!
Big tournaments are just a piece of the recruiting puzzle. BRN allows coaches to find you anywhere you practice or compete. If a college team is traveling for a weekend of games, the coach can look up the surrounding area and find players who updated their event calendar whom they might want to send a scout to check out. It doesn’t have to be a big game! If a coach is interested and in the area, they will come see you play whether its a championship game or a quick scrimmage!
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