We’ve partnered with Rawlings Stars and Stripes to offer our athletes this third party service to help them with their recruiting needs.


At the heart of RSSRN is a passion for the game. We have combined that passion with a hand selected team of baseball experts in: Technology (SportsVision), NCAA Compliance (Informed Athlete), Qualifying Data (SmartKage), Athletic Testing (Skills Score), All-American Teams (Rawlings Stars and Strips) and Mental Makeup (Play Big Baseball) to provide the most complete “One Stop Shop” College recruiting network ever. The world’s largest interactive college baseball recruiting network feeds the RSSRN desire, of seeing every baseball player excel, perform and experience the thrill that comes from exceeding what they thought possible.


Utilizing proprietary testing, objective scoring systems, along with certified regional scouts, RSSRN assess the athleticism, baseball specific skills and mental toughness of players from SmartKage Qualifying Centers and Skill Score venues. Through the nation’s largest interactive college baseball recruiting network, RSSRN promotes every SmartKage athlete to over 50 qualified coaches and recruiters every month. Our player profiles are available to every baseball program in the nation and each player can monitor daily the activity of his recruiting profile.


Our ultimate goal is to provide each RSSRN athlete the opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level. With SmartKage & Skills Score testing and objective scoring, assessed athletes will know where they measure up and where the work begins; while allowing college coaches to immediately identify and project players who will meet their specific program needs. We believe all players between the ages of 8 and 18, need to prepare for the recruiting process. RSSRN has assembled the only complete “One Stop Shop” of College recruiting experts to guide both the athlete and the family to the next level of college baseball.