Be FOUND by baseball scouts anywhere you are playing.

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Know exactly where your perfect recruits are competing.

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Player Coaches

Your team and players can be FOUND quickly and easily anywhere and anytime you are playing.

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Event Directors

For tournaments, camps and Athletic Performance testing, BRN has the right solution for you.

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About The Baseball Recruits Network

BRN is a real-time location and geo-tracking and profile matching search engine for college recruits, teams, and scouts. The Problem: The 90/10 rule: 90% of college scouts are finding only 10% of the top athletic talent! The need is for more transparency so scouts can find the other 90% of athletes and so that athletes can find the other 90% of favorable schools. Our Solution: We provide a suite of tools for both college scouts and athletic recruits to search, match, and pinpoint recruits and scouting locations. Regardless of the arena, field, or team, the recruit can be found by an interested college scout.
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Stars and Stripes Sports and Skill Scores are thrilled to be partnered with The Baseball Recruits Network - baseball's premier Recruit Search Engine for high school and college athletes. We are looking forward to helping BRN establish itself as one of the most vital tools for the Baseball Scouts and ...

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Coaches and Scouts want to watch you play!

When Andy and I were approached with this new baseball recruiting technology we immediately knew this was the greatest thing to happen to Baseball Recruiting in years. We love The Baseball Recruits Network because it really levels the high school and college recruiting playing field for all baseball players! There are so many talented players out there today that just do not get the opportunity to be seen by the scouts. Whether it is because they are not getting into the marquee recruiting events or because their team only plays in small local areas under the baseball recruiting radar. Those qualified players are missing out on possible scholarships for college. With BRN, scouts can better research, identify and plan to see just those players that match their needs. They can then find those athletes in Real-Time anywhere and any time, really easy! See you on the field! “Kelly Ahrens and Andy Allanson”